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We have put together information to keep injured or ill persons informed of what to expect.
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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Information for Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists and Doctors.
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Other key stakeholders are also encouraged to provide Information and comments about issues of relevance .
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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

The Australian National Privacy Principles impose a range of obligations on businesses regarding the ways in which personal information can be gathered, managed and distributed. WorkCovre and Injury Network, as a small company operating the WorkCovre and Injury Network web site, is excluded from these obligations. However, we understand  privacy is an important issue, and therefore have undertaken, where ever possible, to adhere to the National Privacy Principles.

Personal Information We Maintain

If you simply visit our web site, we do not capture any personal information from you. Our web site statistics system does capture information such as the type of web browser you use, this is typical of statistic systems and all of the information captured is anonymous.

 If you join WorkCovre and Injury Network, we maintain the following information:

• Your Name
• Email Address
• Telephone Number
• Company/Organisation Name (if applicable)
• Financial transaction summary

We also sometimes will store copies of correspondence between you and us in your account record, or elsewhere, to assist us in providing a high level of customer service.  This is the minimum amount of information necessary to properly conduct our licensing systems.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by web sites on your computer. Many sites use them, for a range of purposes. If you have configured your web browser not to warn about cookies, you probably have quite a few already stored on your hard drive. You must have cookies enabled in your browser in order to use this web site - we use the cookie to track whether you are logged in, and to store your log in details, and these are used to enhance your experience of the site, including making possible the 'Remember Me' function.

Accessing Your Personal Information

The National Privacy Principles give you the right to access the information we maintain about you, and to change it if necessary. You are able to access the key information simply by logging into the web site, and can change most items yourself.

 If you wish to see the entirety of the information in your membership record, please contact us and we will arrange a copy. If you wish to update or correct any part of the information, please advise us and we will make the changes as quickly as possible.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not sell, distribute or otherwise give any other organisation access to the personal information you provide as part of the membership registration. We may use the information you have supplied in order to make contact with you in the future, but only in reference to the activities of WorkCovre and Injury Network.

Deletion of Old Information

If you advise us that you no longer require membership, our standard procedure is to delete your record from the database, thus destroying the personal information we maintain about you.

Credit Card Information

We do NOT store your credit card details. They are discarded as soon as the transaction for which you provide the credit card information is complete.

Marketing Campaigns

On occasion WorkCovre and Injury Network conducts marketing campaigns involving direct mail letters and other marketing tools, using mailing list databases maintained by the Company. In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, if we send you a letter or otherwise contact you, and you decide you do not wish to receive further communication from us, we will remove you from the marketing database.


We may from time to time update this Privacy Policy, and will post the latest version here on the web site, and endeavour to notify members via our usual email bulletins.

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