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We have put together information to keep injured or ill persons informed of what to expect.
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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Information for Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists and Doctors.
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Other key stakeholders are also encouraged to provide Information and comments about issues of relevance .
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Health Professionals


This website has been set up to provide  information to our 3 key targets, small to medium size business, injured workers and treatment providers. We aim to support health professionals by providing relevant information and by also lobbying for increased incentives for allied health professionals. 


We will be providing information that is pitched at a level for each of our target audiences.  For example the information a treating doctor or specialist needs to understand and consider in their management will be quite different from that of the small business owner who is attempting to provide suitable duties to his employees.


Initially most of the information provided will be generic -  in that it will address the broader issues of treatment and injury management relevant to working within  workers compensation systems - things such as time lines -  what happens and when, barriers to rehabilitation and treatment effectiveness . Over time, as the site develops we will be publishing more discipline specific  information  that may include a journal article, a relevant research breakthrough, or an article about a legislative or legal challenge that has relevance to (a) specifc discipline/s. 


 The 3 functions of the website



 Our Information files offer information that is pitched at a level for each of the target audiences.



i. Injury Management- What is happening and When?

Anyone experienced at injury management is aware that there are changes in the practices involved in assessing, treating and reporting of a patient'sprogress over the course of time. Our time line information files overview some of the important events and issues that affect treatment providers, injured workers and employers, as wellas provide suggestions on ways to avoid or minimise difficulties.



ii. Physical Injuries

Physical injuries encompass those caused by mechanical trauma, heat and cold,electrical discharges, changes in pressure, and radiation. In this section the following topics are covered: Frequently occurring workplace injuries, Injury management and return to work guidelines, Work Ability Definitions, Treatment guidelines for IMA's and case managers, barriers to returning to work, Key considerations in return to work strategies and The Injury Cycle.



iii. Psychological Injury

Included in this section is information about: The most common psychological disorders experienced by injured workers, the advantages and disadvantages of mental disorder classification systems, secondary psychological problems commonly experienced by injured workers, information about pain management and injury adjustment interventions, an on overview of psychological therapies, and considerations when evaluating psychological treatment progress.



iv. General Information

Included in this section is information about: The biopsychosocial approach to injury management,  red and yellow flags, the functions of the treatment and rehabilitation team in workers compensation systems, how to manage difficult clients, the management of complex cases, and a summary action plan checklist.



vii  Information for Doctors

Medical practitioners play a key role in all workers compensation systems. In this section the various roles of the NTD is discussed in context of the current NSW legislation. Included is information about: Changes to the workers compensation system, guidelines for medical practitioners completing the NTD WorkCover NSW Certificate of Capacity, work capacity assessments, changes to weekly payments for workers in NSW, and The implications for NTD's in NSW.



Our online surveys target our respective audiences and are designed to ask key questions about the issues affecting them.  The information collected will be analysed, survey results fed back to web site users and where appropriate passed on to relevant administrators and decision makers.


Our blog is where you can comment on any experience you have had, or issue you are concerned about related to workers compensation and injury management. Comment s may also be generated by other site user’s comments, an article we publish or survey result about a particular issue.


To see what’s on offer, simply click on the in on the area of site you wish to visit.


We aim to support health professionals by providing relevant information and by also lobbying for increased incentives for allied health professionals. 

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