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We have put together information to keep injured or ill persons informed of what to expect.
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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Information for Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists and Doctors.
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Other key stakeholders are also encouraged to provide Information and comments about issues of relevance .
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Home » Other Stakeholders » Stakeholder Blogs

Stakeholder Blogs


Welcome to our Blog section.  This is the place you can comment on any experience you have had, or issue you are concerned about in relation to workers compensation and injury management. Comments may also be generated from an article we publish or survey result about a particular issue.


We have set up 4 separate blogs focussing on each of our target audiences.  Although some of the experiences and concerns of our visitors will be generic, many will be specific to the stakeholders including injured workers, treatment providers and employers. We welcome and encourage stakeholders to view not only the articles and blogs of those with similar interests, needs and concerns as yourself, but to also read about the experiences and concerns of other stakeholders.  By doing this we hope there will be a greater level of understanding of what others are experiencing in the system and thereofre achieve a more collaborative approach to addressing the issues. We also encourage comments from stakeholders from one area (e.g. employers)  to comment on a blog of a different stakeholder (e.g. an injured worker, treatment or rehabilitation provider)  providing the intent is constructive and the aim is to shed light on an issue, and provide a different perspective. 


The format of a blog is great opportunity to express a view, vent frustrations, share an experience or seek information.   This we encourage.  Blogs however, that are defamatory, aggressive, threatening or use language that could offend, incite hatred, or potential violence we will not publish.  


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